Httyd 2 Spoilers


Went on today saw the spoilers…..
Though it makes sense because of this picture
Wish it wasn’t spoiled but what cha going do? Something’s always going to be spoiled we just have to do our job as fans and make the movie #1!


I think toothless sees clouldjumper as it’s mother because it’s hiccups mothers dragon. Considering toothless’ age, and maybe the last nightfury it could have lost his parents or the other night furies when it was younger so it never had a parent, hiccup was like a brother so clouldjumper he might look to as a mother or a father figure. Just an idea.


Now knowing toothless’ age everytime I watch httyd I can’t believe how young he is.

Httyd 2 toothless

Toothless’ age!
Not sure how to tag my spoilers


Can we all agree if hiccup ever gets gray he will still be hot?!


I think twilight is getting her own castle and I think it’s in ponyville!
It makes sense if I’m correct. Every princess has a castle so far except twilight so maybe this we’ll be her castle?


Hiccup still has crooked teeth

Maybe it’s from all that biting of the pencil


They’re rereleaseing the 1st movie
I already have it but I’m I feel like buying it again

Httyd 2

Guess I’ll be learning how to skateboard this summer

Httyd 2 swag

New httyd 2 merch
I think it’s official and I think it’s new
Expensive though
Tell me what are you getting?