500 Followers Giveaway!

Thank you all so much for sticking with me! To show my appreciation, I’m doing a giveaway with 6 different prizes

1. Sera Myu Petite Etrangere fold out flyer. There’s a full cast image on the back!
2. Sailor Moon Classic 2-sided Poster signed by Stephanie Sheh and Robbie Daymond.
3. Kodansha 2015 Calendar 
4. Sailor Moon Crystal promo postcard
5. Princess Serenity 2015 Schedule Book (better picture here)
6. Otakon Exclusive Viz Sailor Moon Coin


  • Must be following this blog, this is a thank you to my followers!

  • Can reblog once a day until contest ends. Each reblog counts as one entry.

  • No using multiple blogs to enter.

  • You must be willing to provide your name and address!

Each reblog will be assigned a number and I’ll use a random number generator to give out prizes. One prize per person.

Giveaway ends September 15th at 10pm EST!



Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Shiny Pokemon Giveaway!

What I have shown:

-Level 36 male Sceptile / Modest / Overgrow / Magical Leaf, Focus Blast, Dragon Breath, Energy Ball

-Level 100 male Salamence / Adamant / Intimidate / Dragon Claw, Zen Headbutt, Steel Wing, Dragon Dance

-Level 100 Rayquaza / Mild / Air Lock / Outrage, Hyper Beam, Dragon Pulse

-Level 10 Jirachi / Gentle / Serene Grace / Wish, Swift, Healing Wish, Moonblast

-Level 30 Deoxys / Bashful / Pressure / Knock Off, Pursuit, Psychic, Swift

-Level 100 female Altaria / Modest / Cloud Nine / Heal Bell, Flamethrower, Draco Meteor, Dazzling Gleam

-Level 64 female Lopunny / Jolly / Klutz / Jump Kick, Quick Attack, Fire Punch, Ice Punch

(All are shiny and english named)

How To Win:

-Do not have to be following me, but followers get an extra entry

-Reblogs and likes count

-Must have your ask box open and respond within 24 hours

-Giveaway ends August 18th, 2014

Good Luck to anyone who enters <3


Httyd shirts

Please vote for these shirts to win on the welovefine contest
I fine they are some of the best

Httyd 2 Spoilers


Went on today saw the spoilers…..
Though it makes sense because of this picture
Wish it wasn’t spoiled but what cha going do? Something’s always going to be spoiled we just have to do our job as fans and make the movie #1!


I think toothless sees clouldjumper as it’s mother because it’s hiccups mothers dragon. Considering toothless’ age, and maybe the last nightfury it could have lost his parents or the other night furies when it was younger so it never had a parent, hiccup was like a brother so clouldjumper he might look to as a mother or a father figure. Just an idea.


Now knowing toothless’ age everytime I watch httyd I can’t believe how young he is.

Httyd 2 toothless

Toothless’ age!
Not sure how to tag my spoilers


Can we all agree if hiccup ever gets gray he will still be hot?!


I think twilight is getting her own castle and I think it’s in ponyville!
It makes sense if I’m correct. Every princess has a castle so far except twilight so maybe this we’ll be her castle?


Hiccup still has crooked teeth

Maybe it’s from all that biting of the pencil